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24 Hour Care

Our caregivers alternate on a flexible schedule to ensure 24-hour care availability. We understand the importance of consistency and work with families to create a schedule that meets the client’s needs.

24 hour care
Hourly Care

Hourly Care

At Integra Home Health, we understand that every senior has unique needs and preferences when it comes to home care. That’s why we offer highly flexible hourly care services that are tailored to meet your aging loved one’s specific needs. Whether your family requires a minimum amount of hourly care (three hours) or up to 24 hours per day, we will work with you to design a care plan that suits your individual needs.

Overnight Care

At Integra Home Health, we understand some clients may require specialized care, including overnight. Our dedicated caregivers are well-equipped and trained to handle the unique needs of seniors who need overnight care. We strive to promote a sense of comfort, security, and peace of mind throughout the night.

Overnight care can also be utilized to give the family a respite, let us stay up and do the middle of the night care so you can rest and be at your best.

Home health care nurse helping a woman stand up from her wheelchair
Caregiver Burnout Guide

Caregiver Guide

Caregiver stress is real.
Our guide to help with caregiver burnout can help!