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Concierge Services

Not everyone is ready for Home Care or Senior Living Options. Our Concierge Services help you maintain your independence at home for as long as possible.
We assist our clients with an array of tasks both inside and outside of the home. We cater to your specific needs and will tailor our services to best assist you.

Seniors participating in home health physical therapy

Errands, Shopping and Doctor Visits

We not only provide transportation to doctor appointments, rehab services, lab appointments, etc. but we will wait with our clients, we listen carefully to instructions provided from the appointment, return the client back home and relay all necessary information to the family.

We have been providing this service to our clients since we opened our doors, and this service helps busy families feel like they aren’t missing important appointments. The families we work with know they can rely on us to be their eyes and their ears.

We can run any necessary errands to the grocery store, the pharmacy, pick up a last minute gift for someone, even attend social events with our clients.

Home Chores, Organizing and Maintenance Services

We can take on big or small projects alike around your home. Some projects may be reorganizing closets or cabinets, decluttering certain rooms, reorganizing the kitchen, etc.

Elderly couple smiling at their future

Family Support Services

We can all use support in our lives. We don’t have enough time in our days to take care of our own families and our own responsibilities, let alone trying to help care for an aging loved one so they can maintain their independence and stay at home. You can’t do it all alone. Let us help you!

There are many items on your daily to do lists, we can help check off as few or as many boxes as you would like. This service isn’t considered home care so your loved one doesn’t have to be upset or stressed over personal care needs being taken from them.

We are another set of hands to help you get tasks completed around the house.

Wait at Home Services

Waiting on a delivery but won’t be home? We can be there for you! We can meet vendors such as an appliance repairman, the plumber, etc. We can wait for deliveries to arrive. We can even check on your home in the event you are out of town for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge?

Basically a personal assistant to suit your needs. We customize our services to fit your specific needs. We can assist with chores around the house, running errands, and tackling projects both big and small.

Who uses our services?

We serve older adults both in their own homes or in senior living communities. We support family members who are caring for seniors as well, by providing assistance with running errands, chores, or help checking to do items off your list.

How much do concierge services cost?

Costs are based on specific needs. Whether you need a few hours of help, assistance on a long term project, or monthly tasks you would like to hand off we are here for you! 

Call us at (413) 224-1912 to find out what best suits your needs.

Am I still in charge?

Yes! We are strictly here to support you to make your life easier. We will aim to do things as similar as you always have since we know asking for help is a big step.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at (413) 224-1912! Tell us how we can assist you. We will create a plan that is specific to your individual needs.

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