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If you’ve reached the point where you feel like you can’t fully meet the needs of a loved one struggling with memory impairment, Integra can help. We are a leading participant in the train-the-trainer program to educate our caregivers in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our specialized staff are Certified Dementia Practitioners.

We now offer Reflections at Home, a signature memory care program designed for our other family businesses, The Arbors and The Ivy. Our communities all have a Reflections Program, which is our memory support community that offers specialized memory support care in a safe, homelike environment.

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Reflections at Home

Supporting a senior loved one with dementia can seem overwhelming. At Integra Home Health, we recognize the unique hurdles families encounter. Our in-home dementia care approach prioritizes safety, comfort, and preserving dignity.

Dementia presents differently in each person, demanding customized care strategies. Our adept caregivers collaborate closely with families to tailor care plans for their aging relatives. By understanding their personal histories, we deliver compassionate care that respects both their current and past identities.

Our dementia caregivers possess compassion, competence, and extensive experience. Equipped with background knowledge about their clients, they deliver top-notch care. Our focus extends beyond daily tasks to include cognitive activities and social engagement, enhancing seniors’ quality of life.

In-home dementia care offers seniors the opportunity to age in familiar surroundings for as long as possible. Our services not only provide comfort but also mitigate disorientation often associated with transitioning to specialized facilities.

Caring for a family member with dementia is challenging, but you’re not alone. Let us offer the peace of mind you deserve.

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